My new hair style- Using Bee Mine products

Similar to a mohawk I used to do back in the day, I was watching a Youtube vid (sorry I forgot who it was and will take forever for me to find it) ….I decided to do a faux hawk with a hump/bouffant type of thing in the front. The key thing—that I never thought about doing, is to NOT separate the twists after the initial take down of the twists- if that makes sense. It leaves my hair not as big an its easier for me to manipulate my hair into a hairstyle.

1st I co-washed my hair with Bee Mine Avocado Cream Balance Conditioner and then Deep Conditioned with Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment with the steamer for about 15 minutes. (SN- My tall steamer is messed up. I have to figure out whats wrong 🙁 )

Next I put Bee Hold Curly Butter all over my hair. I put a small amount of Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer as well. I put my hair in two strand twists – medium sized . About 12. Let it airdry.

Take out the twists but don’t separate any more. I separated the front of my hair so I can put the sides up. I used several bobby pins to secure the sides. I then used several pins to place the curls on the top to make a bouffant (or whatever you call them).

I loved the results.

I think this is a different look instead of me separating several times and making it very big, It still has texture and is easier for my to place each curl. I hope you like this style.