My New Hair Accessory Obsession: Ponytail Hooks

Ponytail Hooks are my new obsession because they are great for women with thick hair. KnottiNikki put me on to them a couple of months back and a month ago was my first time using them.
 I LOVE ponytails and frohawks and all other updos, but regular ponytail bands won’t cut it. I have entirely too much hair. When I do get it around, its all lumpy and puffy in certain areas and is not secure AT ALL.

These MetaGrip Ponytail Hooks are amazing! So they actually have 2 hooks on the end and you can kind of do what you wish. You can hook it on hair or hook it on the other hook. You can pretty much do whatever. I typically hook it into my hair, but in a spot where it won’t pull on my edges.

I like to do a fro-hawk with it:

This is my new go-to hairstyle when I have an old twist out or old wash-n-go. I absolutely love these Ponytail Hooks! Check them out below

Have you tried ponytail hooks?


curly comments!

  • dee

    I live for these things! Every time I am in Ricky’s NYC I stock up on them because I literally cannot function without them. I like them because I can put my hair into a ponytail or prep my hair for a bun and not ruin my curls by pulling my hair through a regular hair band and I don’t snag my hair or have to pull on it. I love these ties.

  • Interesting concept.

  • Kris

    Dont waste your money – You can use a normal ouchless hairband with two short kirby/hairpins at either end. I have been doing that forever!!!