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My Lazy Ponytail – What’s Your Lazy Hairstyle?

These days, I am in my lazy mood. It’s hot (90 degrees in ATL) and I am just plain ol’ lazy. I got so comfortable with the weave because it wasn’t as much maintenance. This definitely is leading me to getting some box braids before my trip! I want low maintenance for awhile. It looks like I will be doing alot of protective styles this summer… :sigh:

So this leads me to my “Lazy Style”. My lazy style is definitely a high pony tail! It’s not as big as it used to be before I cut it, but its still a nice size. It’s just so easy. I can do it on freshly washed hair, old braid/twist outs, old wash n go’s…It makes my life much easier lol. So here goes my lazy style:

What’s your lazy hairstyle?