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My Journey To Losing Weight With Kenya Crooks

My Journey To Losing Weight With Kenya Crooks

So I have something coming up I will be able to share in a couple of months probably and in the meantime, I need to lose some serious weight. I haven’t been happy with my weight gain in the past couple of years and just got content. I started selling my old clothes and buying new ones- oversized at that. I guess I got bigger clothes to “camoflauge” my weight but really it just made me look bigger.

I have put myself on a 5 week challenge with celebrity trainer Kenya Crooks who is determined to make me get healthy and make my weight loss goals! I start tomorrow and am very excited. I haven’t exercised in a long time. I drink plenty of water but my eating schedule is not good. It alot of times consists of fast food.

To be honest, it’s not the number on the scale that bothers me, it’s my mid section. I want that down many inches lol and toned! I don’t mind having curves, but I also don’t want muffintop either lol.

Here is my plan of action:

– Go to Kenya’s boot camp 3 days a week

– Walk a mile a day on Saturday and Sunday (with Bentley)

– Eat better (will have an update on that soon)

It’s going to be a journey for me because I am totally out of shape and now have to get back in shape AND stay motivated! I will be sure to post updates on my journey 🙂

I guess I will do a weekly weight loss/inches update.


Starting Weight- 204

Goal Weight- 165