My Janelle Monae-ish/Vintage Hairstyle

I was trying to recreate/do a similar look to Janelle Monae. I have been seeing Janelle Monae around for years here in Atlanta before she blew up. I always loved her style. Here is the look I was going for.

So I have been trying to give this hairstyle a try for awhile but failed every time.  So after watching a couple of Youtube videos on this vintage type of look, everyone seemed to do this on a old twist out. Me trying this on dry hair = no bueno. But thats just my hair…trying to smooth down my hair that is dry and manipulate it into this style does not work. So I thought, why don’t I try it wet. So after washing my hair, I used Coconut Oil and Wen Styling Creme and put that on the sides to smooth down the edges. I then had bobby pins on hand and a hair comb–which was more visible than I wanted. (Sidenote: I hate getting dressed when no one is home to check me- You know how you have a gob on gel or a piece sticking out lol) So here are the pics.

So I couldn’t really see after I was done, but I was kinda mad that my hump wasn’t as big as I thought. I wanted it to be as big as Janelles. I think to get that part bigger, maybe my hair should have been dry…or I could have twisted it up while wet and then did a twist set on the front of the hair and let it dry overnight and then in the morning my hump will be bigger. Hmmm! I will try that tonight. Since its already styled, I will just take the hump out and do chunky twists overnight. I will keep you all posted.

THanks for hanging in there with me!