My interview with Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter. I got a chance to stop by the Carol’s Daughter pop up store a couple of times in New Orleans and got to chat with several people.

I really admire Lisa Price and her story how she went from making products in her home to this uber successful company that it is today! Stories like hers help young women who are entrepreneurs or hope to be an entrepreneur. I have seen a couple of specials that she has been on and her story is so inspiring!

I was so nervous trying to think of questions to ask because I didn’t want to do the same ol’ interview…you know the ones asking about how she got started, blah blah blah! We all know the answers to those questions. I got a chance to talk to her about the new Monoi Collection (which is very hot right now!), her new spokesmodels, and what’s next for Carol’s Daughter. Check out the video here: