My hair straightened

Here is my hair when I recently straightened…I think I did a good job doing it myself. I did most of it in small sections but towards the top I did rush a little…like usual (nothing new). This is the hair about 4 days in.

My color is actually growing out already. The good thing about straightening hair (for me) is that I can get to look at my ends and see how they are doing. BAD! It’s not horrible, but I do have alot of split ends…but not even a half an inch…more like a couple of millimeters so that can be fixed easily.  I have had my hair straight since last Monday and it has help up pretty well–considering I have been sweating alot and out in misty rain. I didn’t touch up once. The back curled up a little ..but no one can see it so its all good! I think I am ready to wash the straight out though. My scalp is itching. I wash my hair maybe 3 times a week because I like my scalp to feel super clean and it doesn’t right now. A week is not long enough to me for straight hair, but its all good. At least I got to trim these ends.

I also saw a couple of areas where the hair must have broken off. On my left side while straightening, I noticed a small area that was half the length of the rest of my hair–not sure what happened there :/  I will try to get a shot and keep you posted on the growth.


curly comments!

  • My scaph has been itchy this week too! I also have like 3 tiny broken off spots, Demarious said just to give those spots extra love! Noting noticeable at all!

    Can I make an appointment the next time you’re available?!

  • What do you use to make it stay and how you maintain it from getting frizzy to soon

  • Novella L.

    I love your hair Lexi you look so pretty. I’ve been thinking
    about straightening my hair because after I went back to
    work recently all my co-workers were shocked when they
    saw me me with an Afro. My scalp has been itching alot
    lately and I will be shampooing and giving more hot oil
    treatments. I am loving the Blog!