My Hair Goals for 2011

I was asked what my hair goals are for 2011. My main goal is to retain more length.I would love for my hair to be shoulder length curly w/o product to weigh it down. Hopefully that can happen this year. Like most of us, our hair shrinks up sooooo much…like literally 6 inches or more for my hair. My final goal is to have WL (waist length hair) straightened by the end of the year. That will of course be my final goal…I personally think its nasty to see women with hair any longer lol..I am currently MBL so I have kinda a long way to go but it can maybe be accomplished in 12 months with minimal trimming as needed. Here is a chart in case you aren’t familiar with all the abbreviations.

I plan to also do more protective styles this year and not just twist outs and wash and gos. I actually think WNG’s are the culprits of ends getting bad…My hair gets so tangled up. Twist outs are better…but just two strand twists would be even better. Or even braids with my own hair–but not too small. I am too lazy to take them out lol. My goal this year is to do more protective styling–not more as in the majority of the year…but more than I have in the past years.
I also will be straightening my hair more or at least blowing it out. Like I stated before, I retained sooo much length when I straightened my hair every 2 weeks. I believe the reason is because I am taking better care of my ends and I could see the ends better to know when they needed to be trimmed. But that is just my take on my hair–not suggesting anyone do that if they aren’t comfortable with heat.

What are some of your hair goals?


curly comments!

  • Detangle with my tangle teezer
    Wash only once or twice a week and not every other day
    Use more products with ayurvedic herbs in it
    save money for a steamer
    where more scarves

    2009 Ear length reached
    2010 Arm Pit Length reached
    2011 – GOAL Full Bra Strap Length

  • Ravengirl

    I’m sure you can make your goal of WL hair in a year or year and a half! 🙂
    My ultimate hair goal is at least WL, but right now I’m focusing on making APL by the end of the year.

  • grow grow grow! that is my goal…i feel you on the blow drying…when i style my hair after blow drying it i find that i manipulate/mess with it a lotttt less vs when i style it wet once it gets fuzzy then i have to start all over and that’s usually every 3 days or so

  • I’m feeling the same way! I would like bra strap length by 2012! We are thinking the same things i would like to try some city twists after I’m done with my Halley’s Curls! Right before getting my current style i was finding some things I didn’t like and decided my hair need a major rest! At least 6 months!

    Luck to you all in your growth process!

  • I’m not really focused on length, other than growing my hair past the awkward phase it is in now. It is too long for a nicely shaped Afro, but too short for it to hang nicely. My other goals are to get a trim (haven’t had one since I did the BC a year ago), get a satin pillowcase, and get over the smell and consistency of coconut oil long enough to try it again (haven’t used it since jr. high school when my hair was relaxed).