My Hair Experience Yesterday/Stove Iron

I went to the salon and got my hair straightened. I ended up getting a slight trim. She wanted to cut about 4 inches…but  I was like NOOOOO!  I don’t want to hang on to damaged ends but that was alot for me to cut at once. I let her trim my hair and lightly layer it to make the ends look better. You can’t really see how bad (or healthy) your ends are unless its straight. I couldn’t tell my ends were that bad when it was in its curly state. I guess I really should have been protecting my ends better 🙁  Now I will be

So, I don’t know if you all know- But I am absolutely terrified of stove irons. Alot of people don’t know how to properly use them and I have had my hair burned before. I had a chunk of about a small handful that no longer curled up anymore a couple of years ago. It was just limp and had a slight wave. It looked like I put a relaxer on it but didn’t leave it in the whole time in that one section. Then I had a section in the back that was COMPLETELY burned off to about one inch. Thank God it was in the back. So…I have very good reasons to  be afraid of stove irons… Before ceramic irons came around (or popular) , they always used to straighten my hair with the stove iron and I never had any issues. I never had anyone try to “heat train” (aka burn) my hair either. I had a good guy I was going to. Then he started missing appts..and you know the rest. But he even explained to me that they have to look at your hair texture and they can gauge how much heat your texture can take. You can’t use the same amount of heat on all natural hair.

When I go to the famous “Too Groovy Salon” in Atlanta, they always get my hair bone straight with just the use of an FHI iron- not sure if its the products they use or what. But some stylists and salons feel like you can only straighten natural hair with a stove iron.

I actually let the stylist yesterday use the stove iron on my hair. I  literally was trembling when the other stylist first suggested it lol. And I quickly said “Ummm, I don’t know about that. I have had my hair burned and my hair can get straight with the FHI”. So she promised to have it on a lower heat than usual. My hair looks really good. I just hope it all reverts back to my big coily hair!!!  I don’t think I will let anyone use a stove iron on my hair anymore. Its too risky. When I get my hair straightened with an FHI, I never ever have to question whether my hair will revert. It’s just a risky situation for me. I think she did a nice job though

Here are pics: