My Gift To Myself- Vintage Chanel Earrings from Beyond The Rack

So I was really excited about this present. I decided to treat myself and purchase some vintage Chanel Earrings because I wanted some for awhile and I love vintage clip on earrings. I felt like Chanel earrings are classic–and they don’t depreciate so once/if I come to the point where I no longer want them, I can sell them.

I was browsing Beyond the Rack , which is a sample sale site, and they had a Vintage Chanel sale. They had everything from bags (which I could NOT afford) and then jewelry. I went straight for the jewelry. If you have ever been on the sample sale sites when something really hot is up there, it gets crazy. It’s literally a war with someone who you can’t even see. The sales usually start at 11am EST..and by 11:00:01, everything is gone and in someone’s Bag. Soooo, I kept waiting and watching for the earrings I wanted to be back available and I snagged a pair. There were a couple of different ones, but I figured these were pretty classic. I will definitely wear these when I go out to nice events and when my hair is pulled back. They are so classic and I absolutely love them! The style is called Gold Logo Turn-Lock Earrings.

Also, This was my first time ordering from Beyond the Rack. I was impressed with how quickly the earrings got to me. I expected about 3 weeks per my email from them and I got them in less than a week 🙂 Kudos to Beyond The Rack

Did you decide to get yourself a special gift this holiday season? If so, what did you get?