My Gelish #4 : Seafoam

My latest choice of color was Seafoam. I really like the color. It is definitely true to color. (The application wasn’t amazing. He could have done a little better around the cuticle.

Now I want to share about the last experience. I wanted a light champagne color WITHOUT shimmer. I wanted a very professional color. I chose Desert Sands which appeared to be the natural color I was looking for. Basically, I was very disappointed because it came out clear and the shades that were browner, were too orangey-brown- not what I was looking for at all.

(My particular nail salon NOW has nails to show you each color after a full applications- so that makes it easier to see what the color looks like)

So having gelish has kept my nails growing and from breaking so ALL of my nails were at an awesome length..more than half an inch past my finger tip. I LOVE long nails —well not too long but about the length I was. So basically from Feb 14th until today, 8 nails broke 🙁 . They chipped so badly and today when I got them redone, I had to get the other 2 nails filed down to match the other nails.

A commenter on my blog made a good point. Its about who you go to. That is totally true as well. I don’t know if the girl who did my nails last did a good job. She seemed kind of nervous and I wasn’t feeling it. In the past, I have gone much longer without it peeling or anything AND I never had any nails break.

Could length have something to do with it? The person doing my nails today said maybe I shouldn’t keep my nails as long which may suggest that Gelish doesn’t really protect longer nails as well as shorter nails. I don’t know if this is necessarily true but I definitely will keep you all posted. I prefer my nails to be a little long, but I also like the well manicured shorter nail. I will see when my nails get long again if they all break soon OR if it all depends on the person and the application they give you.

Stay tuned. How have your applications turned out?