My Flat Twists- There are so many different ways to do them

I love flat twist outs! These are the fav to do ever since the beginning of me going natural. Even before then, in high school one of the girls on my dance team would do our hair every Thursday or Friday with flat twists so we could wear our hair curly for our football games. So of course, I was going to continue to do them when I went natural.

Over the years I have tried many different methods to flat twisting..Flat Twisting straight back, Flat Twisting in two rows, and flat twisting going outward in a circle.

Today, I did it a littlle different. The back half , I decided to just do straight up twists. On the tope half, I did flat twists and leaving the part on the side so it will fall to both sides.

Tonight I used Keracare Natural Textures- Twist and Define Cream mixed with the Butter Cream.

Here are some pics:

Do you have any different ways you do your flat twists for awesome twist outs? Also, what products do you like when you do twist outs? Do you seal the ends?