My Flat Twists- There are so many different ways to do them

I love flat twist outs! These are the fav to do ever since the beginning of me going natural. Even before then, in high school one of the girls on my dance team would do our hair every Thursday or Friday with flat twists so we could wear our hair curly for our football games. So of course, I was going to continue to do them when I went natural.

Over the years I have tried many different methods to flat twisting..Flat Twisting straight back, Flat Twisting in two rows, and flat twisting going outward in a circle.

Today, I did it a littlle different. The back half , I decided to just do straight up twists. On the tope half, I did flat twists and leaving the part on the side so it will fall to both sides.

Tonight I used Keracare Natural Textures- Twist and Define Cream mixed with the Butter Cream.

Here are some pics:

Do you have any different ways you do your flat twists for awesome twist outs? Also, what products do you like when you do twist outs? Do you seal the ends?


curly comments!

  • Love these. Love your hair color, also. I just did a flat twist-out. I’m in the midst of trying to use up the products that I have in hopes of trimming down the amount of products in my collection. (Yes, I said collection). On my latest flat-twist out I used up my Darcy’s Botanicals Vanilla Madagascar styling creme. I also used my own shealoe. I sealed with Natural Oasis Hair & Scalp conditioner. And yes, I always seal. About an inch & a half to 3 inches of my ends. Especially, during the fall and winter.

  • Kayla

    Also like the post before I’m using an array of concoctions for my sets-I’m running out & in the process of revamping my collection. My main staple is Moisture Stretch by Mizani. I rate it a 6.5…I won’t buy it again. I normally use some type of setting foam with it. I’m stuck on flat coil outs right now. I Loooove them! I don’t see too many tutorials with that style though. Have you done those before? It’s quick and the end result is stretched and super curly hair . I am a 4a/4b mix and it almost looks like I wake up every morning, wet my hair and go, lol. And it sleeps well, it keeps for 4-5 days! Some day I will master the flat twist out, but I haven’t tried yet (smiles). Your hair is ALWAYS gorgeous!

  • I am always envious when you post about your flat twists and twist-outs. Those techniques used to work for me when I was transitioning, but now that I am fully natural I don’t get any definition. A twist-out makes my hair look like a tangled mess. I try one every time I get a different product in my hands, though, hoping for a different result!

  • mahoganytresses

    I’m still transitioning, and now that I have more natural hair than relaxed hair (13 months post!), twist-outs for me are getting better and better. I did about 30 individual twists on my hair a couple of days ago and used ohm sweet hair pudding, and hairveda’s almond glaze. The definition is great and this is as soft as my hair has ever been! I think the sweet hair pudding has alot to do with the moisture and softness. The first two ingredient’s are aloe gel, and water. It also has honey, which my hair adores! I plan to bc soon, and after I do I definitely will try this flat twist method.

  • Embracingmycurls

    I like to wear my twist up. I have to leave them in for two days in order to get great definition that last

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