My Fall Hair Color: Apricot Red by @BigenHair

I have been around Bigen for a looonnnggg time. In fact, this is the only hair color I remember my mom getting when I would go to the salon with her growing up.

I received a couple different colors from Bigen’s Semi Permanent line and I decided to go with the Apricot Red. Why did I choose red? Well, I was bored and wanted to do something different. That’s really my only reason! lol

I figured Apricot-Red would be an orangish-red shade and that would be cool for the Fall.


Because I have been experimenting with color for awhile, I figured potentially the color would not appear exactly  like on the box–but it should be pretty close since my hair is a little light in certain areas. (Something to keep in mind with Semi-Permanents and Temporary Rinses- Most people always expect their hair to come out like the color on the box but it all depends on what color your hair is to begin with)

I separated the top of my hair which is I guess a caramel-blondish shade.

Next, I put on my gloves and went to work making sure to not miss any spots. I will admit–I was a little nervous when I saw how bright the color came out the package!! I kinda came to the conclusion that I was probably going to get my Rihanna on when I washed it out.

Surprisingly, but not surprisingly, the color didn’t turn out nearly as bright. It literally turned out like the swatch on the box 🙂

Yay! You can see where the color appears more vibrant on the parts of my hair that were lighter. It really made it easy having light hair already to really show the color!

This is a nice Fall color. It’s like the changing of the leaves. I really like it!!!

My sister said it reminds her of Janet on the cover of The Velvet Rope! I sooo agree!

So I went from this to this:

Yay to my new Apricot Red hair!!!

Are you changing your hair color this Fall?