My episode of My Black is Beautiful

If you missed the episode or are overseas, please check out the episode below. I am at the beginning when they introduce us and then you can skip to the last 5 minutes if you dont want to watch the whole episode lol. Thanks for the support.

BET Videos


curly comments!

  • Very excited for you Lexi, that must have been fun. I really like what they picked out for you to wear. Classic piece but fun and it looked comfortable. I knew nothing about the show prior to your tweet that it was up, shame I could not have been there, I’m 12 miles from ATL. What a great event to be apart of. I hope they come to ATL again. Thanks for sharing this clip. = )

  • Hi Lexi, took me awhile but I checked out the show. I’m surprised they decided to blow out your hair, but it was a cute segment saw Mae too!).

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Thank you so much for checking it out 🙂