My disaster

As you all know, I am trying to lose weight so I decided to try so I can learn portion control. I am one of those people that doesn’t believe you have to change the type of food you eat in order to lose weight. But after much research and everyone has been saying it for years…its all about portions. I used to be the once a day person…Yep ONE big meal a day which is not good at all. It is also hard in my industry to eat when I need to…We eat at random hours. For instance “lunch” may not be until 7pm. Yep LUNCH..which means I’m either not eating dinner…or I eat dinner like midnight. So I understand eating in small portions 4 times a day is great.

So I was up late one night and saw the commerial for eDiets. I said “Why Not?” and I called them up. Not an impulse shopper- when talking over $100, I decided to wait. I also checked out Weight Watchers…and then called Jenny Craig (they dont give you ANY information online and they force you to call). I wasn’t please with Jenny Craig’s process of making you call. I don’t want to talk to you. I want it all in writing. So after talking to this lady for 15 minutes as she assessed me, she proceeds to go over fees as if I am making the purchase right then and there. So there is a start up fee (NO NO for me) and then you pay for the first week of food. Their food was more expensive than and then with the starting fee I would’ve had to drop $500 that day… I don’t think so!!  Not to mention the “Well you must not be really serious about losing weight!!” lol Lady…funny.

So back to eDiets which is what seemed like the best deal. So its 130 a week normally for 5 days a week, 4 meals a day – that included shipping. So I found a coupon so my total ended up being a little over 100 dollars. I thought that was decent since I was considering only trying it a week or so…Firstly I wanted to see how the first week went before I made a decision to continue.

So you have until Thursday at 3 (or something) to make your food selections, however – finding out later, you don’t receive your food until Wednesdays. I don’t get that…Why not receive it on Saturday so you can use the food the entire week….So I signed up Dec 30th and still have not received my food. I was under the impression from the phone call that as long as I did it and put in my order by Thursday I would be okay and it was a Wednesday. No- Absolutely not. Making my order Dec 30th..I wasn’t slated until Jan 12 to receive my food 🙁 .

So meanwhile, I check my account yesterday and see $130 taken out of my account for an additional week and go online and it says my 2nd week is processing. I am FURIOUS at this point because I didn’t give them authorization to continue ordering food from them (or so I thought..) So I call the company and the lady tells me it was in the terms and services and she continued to state  “Ma’am you were told the services and agreement”. Firstly, I wasn’t TOLD anything. I was on the internet when I made the purchase lol.  I immediately go back to the site and go to the purchase page and I don’t see it anywhere. I look all the way through. I look where I put the credit card information where NORMALLY it would be the place to tell you whatever card you use will be used for your auto-debit…Saw nothing of the sorts…Then I looked to the right of the screen where the total amount minus my coupon code is…I was expecting something like “You will be charged this amount every week”- once again not there. I didn’t see the word “Membership” written ANYWHERE. All of the places that websites normally would have that information AS WELL AS in the Terms of Service, they weren’t there. So I scroll all the way to the bottom and a small Terms Of Services Agreement is in a small box….So I scrolled down this tiny box and there it is. It says that I will be autodebited until I cancelled the account and said if I cancelled within 6 months that I get a Cancellation Fee. What???? Why wouldn’t it say that point blank besides just in the Terms of Service Agreement?? They were being soooo sneaky with that.  (Took a 2 minute break while writing this to look up “eDiet scam” and low and behold…tons of reviews talking about my SAME issue).

The Terms and Services are supposed to be the legal mumbo jumbo for what was stated previously SOMEWHERE else usually. But they took it as the place to state everything they didn’t want to say so they could trick people. So there was no mention of “Membership”, “Weekly”, “auto-debit” or anything. Most places take pride in Auto-debiting and they will state “Hey, You don’t even have to worry about coming back each week to make a payment. We do it for you” type of thing..NOTHING

So I called then was hung up on during a transfer to “someone who could cancel my account”…hmmmm…then I call back and speak to someone else. So apparently after scrolling to the bottom of the small box Terms, it states you can’t get a refund once the money is taken out. That is BS…They took the money out Wednesday and you have until 4pm Thursday to change your food options….so if my food hasn’t been processed ( I was told at the beginning in Dec. that food is processed on Fridays), then why can’t you refund me my money?

(OMG totally forgot about the other lie I was told. I was told that you can change the ingredients in the meals. I told the guy I don’t eat onions. And he said “No Problem, you can just tell them to take onions off the meal” So when I go through the meals online, there were some things I loved but they had onions on them…so I click on it…Nothing- no option to change any ingredients or take things off like I was told..Only the option to select it or not select it for a meal)

I am sooooo over them. So then because the money was already taken out, Today I said I want to at least change my order (since you can make food selections)…lol So I get furious again and send them emails and realize it is Friday lol so it is too late for me to change the order in the first place.

At least Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are up front with all their fees and memberships….ediets – Not at all..Very sneaky.

So anyway, I was supposed to be working on portions so I know how much I should be eating in each sitting and then I can make my own food but make changes to the portions and making sure I eat breakfast and make sure I eat 4 small meals.

So if my first one ever comes (yeah, Yeah I know it was snowing and still icy so UPS and Fedex are running behind) then I will let you know how it goes with me and the portions.