MY DNA Experience- Twist Out Review

MY DNA Experience- Twist Out Review


I feel like I haven’t done a product review in forever. I was just talking to some other bloggers this weekend and we all talked about how behind we are on product reviews. TO be honest, when I do my hair, I literally just grab products. Even though I literally have hundreds of products in one of my guest rooms, there is no rhyme or reason to what products I pick each time I wash my hair. I almost close my eyes and just pick something.

I do want to do more product reviews so I will definitely be going through all of the newer products I have so I can do reviews.

Up this week is My DNA products. I am trying out the whole line.

MY DNA :  Sulfate Free Shampoo. Detangling Conditioner, Leave In Conditioner and Detangler

MY DNA Stylers: Defining Custard and Moisturizing Hair Butter

MY DNA Finishing: Serum

The shampoo and conditioner are really good. The sulfate free shampoo had very little suds and thoroughly cleansed my hair. The detangling conditioner was DEFINITELY detangling. I used my paddle brush to get the tangles out and to clump the curls.

From there I used the Leave In which is a spray. I sprayed it all over and separated my hair. I decided to do flat twists.

I left them in that evening and took them out  mid-day the next day.

photo 3


Sorry I didn’t take a front image but I was looking a hot mess! lol

For my dance class, I put it in a ponytail for pretty curls but to keep my hair off of my neck while I was sweating. The shine and definition is still there.

photo 2

I filmed it too so I will upload the video soon and post here!