My Black Is Beautiful- ATL

I hit up the new My Black Is Beautiful with my homie Heather. The tour was similar to the one in April- they did hair, makeup, nails, massages and yoga. By the time I got there…an hour after it started, all of the appointments were full for the rest of the day 🙁 so we ended up auditioning to be one of the new faces for “My Black is Beautiful”…spent HOURS there because they announced the top 8 that night and if you weren’t there, they skipped over you which was kinda bad because 3 of the top 8 people weren’t there 🙁 . I feel bad for them because 2 of the ladies from here WILL be representatives of My Black Is Beautiful and they missed out on the opportunity.

So my hair was a HOT mess. Note to Self- never try a new product when you have something going on that day. So I was totally not pleased with my hair. This is after I took it down. I had the sides pinned back at first and took it down because this looked better than the first style.

Me and Adrienne who was working the event.

Me and my friend Heather who I am trying to convert (who currently uses a texturizer)

They had a display of old school styling tools and products. Check out the “Lil’ Miss Pigtail Hair Pomade” and the “Lucky Brown Pressing Oil” …both sound like disasters on our hair. My how far we have come…