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My Birthday Recap + Outfit & Hair

My Birthday Recap + Outfit & Hair

Heyyy!! Sorry, I have been ssuuupppperr busy these past couple of weeks (Can’t wait to share why). So I am trying to keep up and blog more because so much has happened. My birthday was Friday the 21st and I had an amazing weekend with good people. At my job they gave me 2 nice cards and a peach pie, apple pie and cupcakes!!! lol. I only had 2 slices of the peach pie and a cupcake (smh lol) It was awesome!


(Birthday dress, ASOS on sale for $29 – They have plus sized as well I believe đŸ™‚ )

Myself and some of my wonderful friends came out to my cousin’s restaurant Frank Ski’s to help me celebrate.


Hair-  Curling wand on an old wash & go. I used a small curling wand and curled the perimeter that can be seen .

With NaturallyKela
Christina and I
Adrienne, Tekela, Tia, & Trina
Alicia and Danni!
Heather and I (Her birthday is the day before mine)
Everyone toward the beginning of the night

Thanks everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on my various social media channels. I really appreciated it and felt the love!