My BirchBox Review- February 2012

I waited for a long time before I decided to take the plunge (only $10 a month lol) on purchasing Birchbox‘s monthly service. I wasn’t concerned about the price, but I don’t like doing monthly service programs. Trina of convinced me to go ahead and do it after I was brought up her review!

So, I was put on a waiting list (they are soooo popular now) and eventually they opened up registration so I made my payment and set up the monthly service. (It’s $10 a month and your account is debited every month). They send out the box towards the beginning of the month. I got my first box today. I will say I am impressed that they sent it so fast.  I saw some people’s reviews saying it took awhile after they first ordered. So here it is:

When you open the box, it has a cute postcard in there that gives you the item descriptions, the full priced cost, and any other details. I like that they have that information available in case I like the product so much that I decide to purchase.

So every month you get 4-5 samples. This is what I received: Blk Dnm perfume, 2 La Fresh makeup remover towellettes, Wei facewash, Jouer moisturizer, & a nail file.

Soooo, I’m not 100% impressed…just so-so impressed. I know everyone gets different samples each month, but I think I was expecting more makeup items like mini mascaras, mini lip gloss, etc…. Alot of the reviews I saw had a bigger variety. In their defense, they never said tons of makeup so I’m not counting them out!! I love skincare items so I can’t wait to try out the skincare items –the makeup remover towellettes…not so much. I feel like something like that I wouldn’t need a sample of. Will still come in handy when I run out of my month’s supply of my makeup remover wipes though lol. Everything will definitely get used -besides the perfume. I can’t wear perfume.

So, now I am very interested to get next months and hope I am more excited…

But anyway, what are your thoughts? Interested in ?