My “Basketball Wives” Inspired Earrings

I know…I know…I didn’t get the real thing. I SHOULD have though. I was at Bronner Bros and almost every vendor, even people that sold hair, were selling Basketball Wives inspired earrings. Some were just sooo cheap looking that I couldn’t even do it…and some were overpriced at like 90+…Ummmm No! I can get better quality for less expensive.

:Sigh: Anyway, I was on the hunt as soon as I saw one booth with one so I scoured around EVERY SINGLE booth twice to compare all of the earrings. I decided on these ones with black:

So all in all, I like them, but when I have seen others, I am HIGHLY upset I spent $40 for these. I know they are like 40+ online so I figured it was okay….but NOT AT ALL…the quality is not nearly as good. The balls on these look super plastic like I could get them at the dollar store. I wouldn’t have minded spending $10 on these..but $40?!?…naawww!

I definitely suggest hitting up other companies online who have better quality. POParazzi of course has great quality ( I have seen them in person) and some other sites have nice quality. Definitely take that into consideration since all these companies are making replica POParazzi style earrings…check out the quality first! I’m mad I didn’t pay more attention!