My Results

My Results

Have you been thinking about doing a DNA test? I recently did mine when they had the recent sale and I was so excited.

The testing kit comes in a small package with everything you need, plus thorough instructions.

I was so excited to send the test off! Due to the sale, they anticipated a long wait for results of 6-8 weeks. It only took about two weeks and I had the results in my inbox.

I was shocked that the highest percentage was Great Britain.

I also have a love affair with Ghana so I was super excited to see that it was the highest African country. This will make my next trip there more special. When I went I had such an amazing experience and felt something different than any other place I have been.

I am so happy to know my ethnic background. As a black American , I always hated not having a country to claim as far as my ancestry. Now I have several countries to claim 😊

How did you feel when you got your results ?