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My 2012 Hair Resolutions- What Is Yours?

We all made New Years Resolutions…but was hair in your plans?!? If you are like me, you always have plans for your hair. I started thinking about my hair resolutions for this next year.

My one resolution is do something different.…I do the same thing- wash n gos, wash n gos, and wash n gos. So boring. I have been slacking on my creativity. Really its because I started a new job and I am too tired to do my hair…I typically do wash n go’s until it is old and then I bun for an additional 3 to 4 days. So not cute. Buns everyday smh.

It’s time for something new. I need a little pizzaz.

I also plan to straighten more and do fishtail braids. I love fishtail braids and think that will be a cute simple look for me. Simplicity is key for me, however, I need different at the same time.

This is my resolution.

What is your 2012 Hair Resolution(s)?