Murad Transforming Powder Review!

Murad Transforming Powder Review!

murad transforming powder


I have been trying out several of Murad’s skincare products over the past 3 months and I have been loving everything!  Since I am still going through the products, I decided to pull out the Transforming Powder which is a Dual-Action Cleanser & Exfoliator. I thought it looked very different than my other cleansers so I was very intrigued.

You put water in your hand and put a dime sized amount of the powder in your hand and rub it together and it turns into an exfoliator. There is no scent to it so that is good for people who has a sensitive nose. Here are all my notes:

  • The exfoliator is not abrasive and it didn’t hurt when I exfoliated my face. It was just enough to get my skin clean and get the oil & dirt off.
  • There is no scent. (good for those who don’t like scents)
  • It was easy to rinse off (Some exfoliators, the beads stay on all day if you don’t rinse a thousand times)
  • By using a dime size amount to clean your skin, neck and decollete , the bottle looks like it will last awhile, especially if you use it as suggested- two to three times a week.
  • It has salicylic acid in it so that means it will prevent breakouts or held get rid of them.
  • My face feels nice and smooth after use.

I am going to continue to use this and add it into my routine 2 times a week! Thanks Murad!

*I am a member of Murad’s Ambassador Program in which I receive products or samples. These are all my own opinions based on my experiences with the products.