Motions Meet Up- NYC Recap With Ursula Stephen

Motions invited me to go to a special event they were having in the cool boutique hotel 6 Columbus in NYC. I was so excited to go because I secretly want to move to NY so I always love going up there.

As some of you know, Motions used to be my favorite brand back in the day (which I’m sure alot of people can agree with me). When I went natural, I went on a “try a whole lotta different products” period and I abandoned my trusty brand 🙁 . Now, I am back with the launch of their line for natural textures!

The event was for media and hair bloggers to introduce us to Ursula Stephen (responsible for all of Rihanna’s trendy hairstyles that every tries to do lol). Ursula is their Global Brand Ambassador, so while she is not jetsetting across the world with Rihanna…she is jetsetting to Africa with Motions! Nice job!!

They wanted to show us a preview of Ursula’s segment on Vh1’s Storytellers with Jill Scott seen here . Motions was also a big sponsor for the show.

There were several bloggers there- some that I knew already like the beautiful Taren916 & Danielle of TheStyleAndBeautyDoctor and some who I knew of, but never met like Leila from and one half of  UrbanBushBabes.  We had AMAZING food and of course champagne!

Ursula introduced the video with Jill Scott. Ursula Stephen is absolutely hilarious and full of personality! She is very real and tells you how it is!

Afterwards we were able to watch the entire Storyteller episode before it aired! I got to see Jill Scott perform all of my favorite songs. While we watched, we mixed and mingled. Besides bloggers, several media was there including,,, VibeVixen,, and Juicy Magazine.

The highlight of the event- we each went around the room and finished this statement “The first time I fell in love with my hair was….” Even though we were all mostly natural, we had different, but similar stories about our love affair with our hair. That was an amazing conversation.

Taren and I – Her hair has grown alot in a year!!

Black Girl Long Hair and I

Danielle and Taren

And the lady of the hour, Ursula Stephen

Special thank you to Motions for hosting an excellent event!! Look out for their future events by following them on Facebook. Also…We got the scoop that they are doing it big at the Essence Music Festival this year and they have a special celebrity guest! I can’t wait to find out who it is. They told us to stay tuned to Facebook for the deets!