More Basketball Wives earrings- Poparazzi

I was loving all the Poparazzi Earrings on the last episode of Basketball Wives. I think it is a known fact that once you go natural, you totally step up your earring game—not sure why that is though lol but it is true for me too. I don’t remember where I saw that article.

I have been checking out Poparazzi’s earrings for awhile now and I soooo have to get me a pair. Last episode of Basketball Wives, I fell in love with some of the earrings.

Pretty funny that the two of them had on the SAME pair of earrings lol 

ETA- 8/15 Took out the picture of Meeka. Meeka’s earrings are from a different brand.

They are wearing the AmBURR Alert earrings. They are $45. Check them out at