Monday Mani Muse – Tribal Print Marc by Marc Jacobs dress

Monday Mani Muse – Tribal Print Marc by Marc Jacobs dress

For those that don’t know, I LOVE doing my nails. I do all sorts of nail designs (some better than others) and I get a ton of inspiration from nail art tumblrs and I even have a nail art tumblr of my work that I have neglected. I will just include them on my blog here since this is for all things I love. I decided to start a weekly Monday Mani(cure) Muse. I will take an item – whether it is a clothing item, painting, food, whatever it is, I will use that as inspiration to do a similar look.

My muse this week was my Marc by Marc Jacobs dress I wore at the BET Hip Hop Awards this weekend (also seen in my post here)

I loved the print so I used this as my muse to get inspiration from so don’t talk bad about me because it doesn’t look exactly like it! lol

Another disclaimer- I never claimed I was an expert lol, just playing around.

I incorporated some of the lines and designs as well as the color. I used a navy base like the dress also.

The fuchsia part looks a little thick but because the color didn’t show on top of the navy, I had to do a white underneath so the color would show more vibrant.

And here are all of them. Not my best work, but it is inspired by this print.

And here are my million items and tools I used!

We’ll see what next years muse is.

Do you prefer to do nails for a specific outfit, or do you do general colors and designs that can go with alot?