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Monday Mani Muse: Spring & Easter

Monday Mani Muse: Spring & Easter

When I think of the Spring, I think of flowers and Easter for the most part! I was inspired last night to play around with some nails designs. Using Pinterest to give me some inspiration I decided to go with flowers, a bunny, & an Easter egg. Some you will probably think are kiddie but just wanted to play around and see what looked good!

First up, I absolute love doing florals and they are SUPER simple. It doesn’t take long at all.Here are the 4 easy steps!

spring floral nails how to tutorial

For this look I used my favorite nail polish color in the world, China Glaze For Audrey as the base color. You can use any floral colors on top. I also have nail art pens to do the swirls in the flower and for the leaves.

Next up is the Easter egg. I was really winging this and had no idea what I was going to do so it’s not the best, but it may give you some ideas.

easter egg nails tutorial spring nails

(Base color ABSOLUTE Lime Green)

Lastly, I figure I would do something cute people can do on their daughters (or themselves lol)

easter bunny nail art tutorial.jpg

(Base color is OPI for Sephora What Aura Gonna Wear?)

These are all super easy if you have a semi steady hand. I didn’t do the best job lol, but you can get the point. On some the paint was running and bleeding so it doesn’t look super crisp. It’s just a guideline though 🙂

Hope this gives you some nail art inspiration!

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