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Monday Mani Muse- President Barack Obama Nails

Monday Mani Muse- President Barack Obama Nails

This week, it was only appropriate that I do something dealing with the United States and Obama! I’m definitely not talented enough to do his face like I have seen some nail artists do….so I opted for his logo for his campaign.

I decided to do a dark blue base – LA Girls FLARE polish in Indigo. I took out my normal nail art pen combos (the one with a pen on one end and a nail striper on the other). I literally work as I go so the thumbs I decided to do white stars and some of the other nails I did white and red stripes.

After doing one President Obama logo, I was NOT about to attempt on the other hand. It was a little hard even to do the left hand and to get the circle as perfect as possible.

So, here is the look:

Tip: Don’t put your top coat on too early. The red bled a little bit into the white 🙁  So I have a slight pinkish look on the white SMH!

What do you think?