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Monday Mani Muse- NailedIt’s “Take On Dots”

Monday Mani Muse- NailedIt’s “Take On Dots”

I was perusing StumbleUpon to find some new sites and I came across this really cute nail design that I HAD to try. This weeks Mani Muse is NailedIt’s “Take On Dots”. I just got my dotting tools in not too long ago from eBay so I’m ready to try them out. Here is her diagram:

I picked up this cute ELF nail polish shade while I was at Target a couple of weeks ago so I decided I want that to be my base color. It’s kinda taupish. For the 3 shades to dot- I thought orange, navy and light grey would look nice together..

ELF Shade 29 (taupe)

LA Girls Flare in Indigo (dark blue)

Revlon in Make Mine Mango (coral)

Forever 21 Love & Beauty in Light Grey (light grey)

Soooo,, this is my first time using the dotting tool so I have to get the hang of it. It’s not perfect. Also, I have to make sure I use thick nail polish. I made sure to not use any type of shimmery polishes since those are typically lighter as far as density. I will look online for some tips and tricks when working with them. I had to go back in the polishes practically each dot which was pretty time consuming.

(sorry I didn’t clean up the outside yet..I wanted to hurry up and take pics lol)

All in all, once I get the hang of it, I’m sure dotting nail designs will cut down on time and be a pretty simple way to do nice designs. I have to get the hang of them. I will try again.