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Monday Mani Muse: Galaxy Nails

Monday Mani Muse: Galaxy Nails

I love Fall nights that are clear and I can see all the stars. This drove me to this week’s mani muse: stars. I took the trendy galaxy nails and gave them a try.

I used Midnight Blue by L’Oreal (similar L’Oreal color here) for the base coat to give me a nice night time effect.

 I then sponged on Sally Hansen Diamond Nails in Champagne Toast with a makeup sponge. I just made a random shape. After that, I sponged Milani Purple Passion on the outside of the Champagne Toast so it’s a bit of a gradient. You know how you look up at night and see different shades–this is to give it that effect.

Next, I took Sally Hansen Shooting Star (similar Sally Hansen color here) and put that on top of the look to create the look of stars. Any type of glittery color like blue, silver or purple will look great to give the look of stars. You can stop at this step or you can follow the step below for a bigger effect below:

I then took a white nail art pen and did a couple of white dots to also be “stars” and even one twinkling star.

In the end, I put another coat of the Shooting Star again.

Galaxy nails are VERY simple.

Have you tried this trend?