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Monday Mani Muse- Fall Leaves

Monday Mani Muse- Fall Leaves

It’s Monday and every Sunday while watching Treme’ (depending on the time of the year) I do my nails. This week, my inspiration came from leaves. When I was at Target last week, I saw ELF Nail polish on the end cap and found a really pretty Taupe-ish type of color. I purchased it so I could give it a try.

Here is a picture I took the other day on my phone!

So I wanted to do fall nails using Yellow, Orange and Red. I literally could not figure out what I want to do, so I know these aren’t necessarily leaves, but definitely inspired by. Looks more like Flowers to me lol. I think it does look like fall though lol

I really like this ELF color I used as the base. I didn’t see a shade name on it. It was the perfect consistency and didn’t streak or anything. I only did ONE coat too and it was perfect so no need for a second coat. FYI- If I don’t have to do a second coat of the base color then I don’t. The more layers of paint plus all the designs makes it easy to get really thick and peel off 🙁

Here is what I used:

European Secrets Rock Hard Base Coat

ELF -Unknown color

Yellow and Red Nail Star Two way Pen & Brush (I ordered a set of 24 from eBay for about $5 plus shipping and handling)

K.I.S.S. Orange nail art paint

Hard As Rock Top Coat