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Monday Mani Muse- Dark Gradient

Monday Mani Muse- Dark Gradient

It’s Monday!!! Uggghh! Monday’s are always kinda drab because its the beginning of the week and then you have 5 dayss until the weekend 🙁

I really don’t have a picture of my nail muse this week, but it would have to be just Night. When the sun is going down and you see this gradient across the sky- gray , light blue, dark blue and black. I incorporated a night time look with my nails.

Check them out:

I don’t think it looks good on camera (I have yet to master using a DSLR yet) but it looks really good in person and I got a ton of compliments.

So, how do you do a gradient?

Do your base color (My base color was gray). Take a makeup sponge and draw a line for each color overlapping to the next. Make sure you do them in order. After the base color dries, sponge across your nail. If some spots were missed, dab over it with the appropriate color. You want to make sure there are no distinct lines because its supposed to be a gradient and a nice progression of color. You will have to reapply to the sponge after each nail. After you are done, use a great top coat and it will be beautiful!

Nail Products used

European Secrets Base Coat – Rock Hard (My new favorite base coat)

Forever 21- Light Grey

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Gunmetal

Revlon- Midnight Affair

Wet & Wild – Black Creme

Sally Hansen- In the spotlight

European Secrets Top Coat- Rock Hard