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Monday Mani Muse- Ankara Print Nails

Monday Mani Muse- Ankara Print Nails

I’m obsessed with ankara print and I recently purchased some pants in a Harlem at a flea market a couple of months ago. I wore them on Saturday and yesterday I decided that would be my muse this week.

Firstly, when I do my nails, I have a vision BUT sometimes things don’t go as planned.

I decided to take the background color as the base coat. The base coat wasn’t exact but I used a similar color. I really was trying to get something that was similar but I didn’t have any color that looked like it.

I wanted to play with the blue circles because there were three types- circle with just color, ones with white polka dots, and ones with white stripes.

Halfway through doing my nails I got the idea to use nail foil! I figured gold nail foil would be perfect for the main color portion After everything dried, I took the nail polish adhesive that comes with the foils and when it was tacky, I placed the nail foil on top of the nail and carefully placed it on sporadically so it could be different shapes. (I will do a full tutorial on nail foils soon)

What do you think?