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Moderately Priced Bras & Lingerie for DD+ At ASOS

Moderately Priced Bras & Lingerie for DD+ At ASOS

It’s been awhile. Work has been extremely busy and I’ve been neglecting my site and I honestly want to shift my content a bit. Those that follow me on Instagram and watch my stories kind of have an understanding of what I love – watching streaming movies, True Crime docs, traveling and bra shopping lol.

I rarely find myself wearing bras much during the quarantine, but surprisingly , I’ve bought more bras than I ever have in the past year. I’ve even spent $120 on a bra which is unheard of for me. I’m usually buying a bra on sale at ASOS, Bare Necessities, or Nordstrom Rack.

Well, during this time, I’ve been experimenting with different brands. While browsing ASOS looking for bras, I decided to check out two brands due to the look and price. However, because the price was low, I was skeptical about the quality and if it would hold me up.

I’ve been looking for bralettes for my size forever. My hack would be to order from Forever 21 and buy the bralettes in plus sizes. The problem is, the band size would be too large – but the cup size would be perfect… therefore I’m left with no support.

I found the perfect bralette for my G cup from a British brand called TuttiRose which I am now obsessed with. The colors, the style, the PRICES! Firstly, a bralette that lifts up G cups is a win.

I purchased this in black and red in a 34 H-I. Keep in mind UK sizing and US sizing for bras are generally different. I am very pleased with this bralette. The lift is perfect and their marching panties are super adorbs.

Bralettes  bras big bust lingerie DD+ large bras tutti rouge ASOS

I love the lingerie but make it fashion vibe. I could never really do it without having to wear a strapless bra underneath bodysuits I would purchase. I decided to order the Ivory Rose lace mesh fuller bust body in my normal size 34G. When I got it, it was perfect. Good quality — not that super thin lingerie that easily tears. The cup size was perfect and it fit me everywhere. I wore this with leather pants and I felt super sexy in it.

(Image below, I have on panties underneath it to cover because I went to a pole class )

Bralettes  bras big bust lingerie DD+ large bras ivory rose ASOS

I am super pleased with both brands and didn’t spent over $30 on each after sales. The original prices in general aren’t bad to begin with. I just got lucky with sales. Check out ASOS bra and lingerie selections. You won’t be disappointed.