Mizani True Textures Review

I am so excited to partner up with to review the new Mizani True Textures line and have the opportunity to give 3 people sets of this new line.

The set includes 2 cleansers: Curl Balance and Cleansing Cream. The Curl Balance is a sulfate free-color safe shampoo. The Cleansing Cream is great for co-washes in between shampoos.  The deep conditioner is the Curl Replenish. You leave this on for 3-5 minutes or 10 minutes under the steamer or dryer.  Lastly, you have the stylers. There are two: Moisture Stretch and Perfect Curl. Moisture Stretch is used to stretch out the curls and elongate them for curlier/kinkier textures and the Perfect Curl is a defining cream gel used for looser curls or waves.

I am going to do 2 reviews in this post. First, I used the Curl Balance, Curl Replenish, and Moisture Stretch. The shampoo is great. It got all of the buildup from products and oils out of my hair so I could start with very clean hair. The Curl Replenish- AMAZING…let me say (write) that again AMAZING! My hair felt so soft as I was washing it out and after I got out the shower. Next I used the Moisture Stretch as the styler. I loved the consistency. It reminds me of a whipped kind of consistency. I sectioned my hair and put the product down the hair shaft and stretched it while doing so.  Here are the results:


Day 2


Next you will see me try out the  Cleansing Creme and the Perfect Curl <–I know it says it is for looser textures, but you never know how something will work in your hair. The Cleansing Creme is really good and really conditions my hair. It is definitely getting added to my list of great Co-Washes. The best thing about this is Mizani saw the importance of Co-washing and made this product just for the washes in between Shampoos. You don’t want to over do it shampooing your hair too much.  The Perfect Curl did well in my hair as well. It is like a mixture between a cream and a gel. I typically don’t like gels, so this would be a good gel for me to add. I like both the Perfect Curl and the Moisture Stretch but I would probably tend to use more of the Moisture Stretch for my hair.

Perfect Curl Day 1


Details on the Contest to come… 🙂