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Mizani Recap- Bronner Bros Weekend

I had the opportunity to hang out with the Mizani crew this weekend at Bronner Bros. I always love going to BB because of the amazing sights. This time, I got a very educational feel. I checked out the Mizani booth where they had educators talking to the crowd and then I went to a natural hair class and learned how to do several styles. Both included a very hands on experience which I loved!

They went over all of their products new and old and taught us how to use them. If you are unfamiliar with Mizani’s True Textures line, check out their Natural Curl Key which gives you a breakdown of which of their products work best with your curly pattern and density.

Check out the pics:

They showcased several high fashion styles and then went through one by one to explain how to do it!

Some of the ladies with natural hair:

This is one of the models who had her natural hair straightened. The stylist taught the audience how to do pin curls:

The crowd could work on the mannequins they had surrounding the stage:

Another natural hair model goes from curly to straight in this segment. The educator teaches us how to blow out her hair and even lets people on stage to practice on the model’s hair.

I then went to the Natural Elegance class where the instructor taught us how to do twists, coils, how to start locs, etc…

The mannequins had thick natural hair to make it really easy for us to learn on similar hair texture. I was able to hop on a head towards the end of class and learn how to do coils with a small barber comb which I had never done before. We used the Curl Set to achieve the different looks.

Thanks to Mizani for all of the education this weekend.

Have you tried Mizani’s True Textures line?