Mixed Chicks review


So I tried Mixed Chicks out this weekend. I did a deep conditioner with Organic Roots Stimulator Replenishing Pack and loved the results. Immediately after putting it on, I had a nice sheen to my hair. I sat under the steamer for 35 minutes and loved it. After I rinsed with cold water, I used Mixed Chicks on my hair to do a twist out. I think I used too much. My hair was crunchy and felt a little dry.  When I picked up some Mixed Chicks at their booth at Bronner Bros, the stylist told me to mix it with water so I can test the amount. I honestly thought because it was a “leave in conditioner” that it wasn’t going to have hold. I was pleasantly surprised that it had hold as well, but too much hold because I used too much. I will dillute it next time.  Actually, like I suspected, 2nd day is better. The crunch is out…I kind of “scrunched the crunch” out so it is nice and defined. Here are pics

Bottom row is second day hair. I like it better when it is bigger.


curly comments!

  • CurleeSue

    I like mixed chicks leave in conditioner. I tried it with bantu knots to elongate the curl ( i saw your demo on youtube) Its my favorite style.

  • Tiff

    Have you tried the Mixed Chicks Shampoo & Deep Conditioner? I love both products! But back to the Leave-In…I always get “crunchy” hair w/ this product, but I can normally scrunch it out. My results look like yours- BIG HAIR! Overall, I like the leave-in.

  • Here is a link to Kim Etheredge & Wendi Levy (Mixed Chicks) on Tavis Smiley’s Radio show talking about curly hair: http://www.tavissmileyradio.com/guests10/030510/WendiLevy_KimEtheredge.html