Miss Jessie’s Interview + Target Desegregating Hair Aisle

I have noticed that at alot of drug stores and such…not only is there typically a hair aisle for Caucasian hair and a hair aisle for Black hair..but also sometimes it will actually say “African-American Haircare”. Well, Target has decided to desegregate their hair aisles in March!

As pointed out by the Miss Jessie’s owners, this is probably one of the last forms of segregation- the haircare aisle. True, I do think we all have different hair needs and it may have been easier for people to select products, but it is a good idea to put all products together. Alot of products, while they may cater to AA hair, some other ethnicities may want to try so why have it separate? That is great Target has decided to do this.

Check out ┬áMiss Jessie’s as they are featured for Black History Month and talk about why they started their line:

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Yay! Miss Jessie’s has 5 new products coming out!! I can’t wait to hear about them and try them out.