Michelle Obama’s New Bangs

Michelle Obama’s New Bangs

Last Friday, all weekend, and of course yesterday EVERYONE was buzzing about Michelle Obama’s bangs! They are sooo cute! I’m guessing this is the work of her stylist Johnny Wright! Chelley O is a trendsetter just like Jackie O! Those are the 2 iconic First Ladies when it comes to style and being a trendsetter!


During the inauguration, all I could see was how stunning First Lady Michelle Obama looked.
Inaugural Parade Held After Swearing In Ceremony

For the ball, she took the same style and it was flipped instead of curled under! Just as cute!!


This is a great new look! I’m sure everyone will jump on it ASAP! I have been spying bangs for the past couple of months and her cute look makes me want them even faster! lol

Now lets see how many bangs we start to see….