Meet Tropic Isle Livings Owner Lois Hines

Meet Tropic Isle Livings Owner Lois Hines

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Tropic Isle Living has been around for awhile and while I am just jumping aboard the Jamaican Black Castor Oil train, I am recently checking out their products. I wanted to try out their body products and hair products!

This past week I was at a Hair/Technology seminar at Spelman College and the owner Lois Hines spoke. Firstly, her energy was sooo amazing. I could tell she had such a beautiful spirit. She spoke to the Spelman students from the heart and told them to follow their passion, and with passion will come success if you believe you can do it! Her approach to reaching your dreams really resonated with me! I was sorry I didn’t get a ┬áchance to stay until the end to speak with her but she truly had an amazing story.

Check out this video from the owner:

For more info on their brand, check out