Meet: NyneLyves – A Blogger/Jewelry Designer with awesome hair/style


Last week while I was in NYC, I checked out a Beauty event that my girl Ashley invited me to at Bloomingdales in Soho. Her LS, Plus-Sized model Chasity Saunders, is a correspondent for JONES magazine who hosted this awesome event introducing their new Beauty Editor. While there, I saw so much awesome hair and met a few awesome bloggers. One person in particular stood out because of her awesome fashion and hair (she actually reminded me of Lisa Bonet- which she said below she gets inspiration from). Check out her story:

1. How long have you been natural? (If you have not always been natural, what made you go natural?)

I’ve been natural for…about 4 years now. I’ve always done the natural thang, but when I cut it low I thought I had to perm it…that ended shortly thereafter.

2. What is your daily hair regimen?

Well, I cut my hair into a ceaser last fall, so now it’s growing back. Since last summer I’ve been braiding and weaving it up. I love doing hot oil treatments twice a month and twisting it.

It’s funny because I used to think weaves were so taboo you know. Everyone always makes them seem like such a big deal, like you’re not being “real” if you have one. Well I thought of all of this until I got my first one…look at me now. Lala kidding, no but my girl Lou does a grand job for me and my hair has been growing like weeds right under. I don’t see anything wrong with them, especially when you’re treating your hair under. After I take my weave out, I do hot oil treatments and get trims. I’m not sure how long I will wear them, but I will say I’m doing me and that’s comfortable:)


3. What are your favorite products?

I love me some Hot Oil 6! I am also a fan of Miss Jessies Curly Pudding.

4. What is your go-to hairstyle?

Hair out and crazy wild.


5. What is the inspiration behind your hairstyles?

I may go through old photos of Lisa Bonet or see a woman on the train. I am uber obsessive when it comes to hair, so when I see something I like I think about it until I have it. Since my hair choices do stem from the image of another, I always make sure to give credit where it’s due…I firmly believe in that.

6. Describe your blog.

My blog is my world:) It began as a lifestyle blog, but now I am realizing my influence so I want to make sure I am producing quality content for my readers. Now that I am a Style Influencer for Vogue, I’ve learned to be more refined…I actually don’t know if that is true, lala. Now but I enjoy what I am doing and I hope people do as well.

7. You have an awesome sense of style. How do you describe your style?

Thank you! Ahh I always have a hard time with this question because my style is everchanging and I find that to be a description in itself. I love to explore new styles, lengths, textures, and such things when dressing. I’ve never had a full length mirror, I’ve always just looked down and trusted myself. So I guess my style is a question to me as well, lala.

8. Describe your jewelry. What inspired you to create jewelry? Where can people find your jewelry?

My jewelry is fun and free, much like my consumer. I begin designing jewels with my signature nose chain, I wasn’t actually selling when I first began. Then folks started inquiring so I figured what better way to share you know. Now I make rings, feather pieces, neck pieces, and earrings. I am actually working on my Hipsy line for the summer. Hipsy is a free spirited individual (Hippie Gypsy) my Mama inspired it, as she inspires me. You can find my jewels on


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