Meet @KurleeBelle Owner Terrinique Pennerman

Meet @KurleeBelle Owner Terrinique Pennerman

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I love checking out all of the different natural hair products and recently have been exploring more all natural brands. I met the owner of Kurlee Belle years ago and found out she lives in the Bahamas. I wanted to find out more information behind her brand and why she started a hair product line.

One of her friends encouraged her to start her own line since her hair always looked good.

Growing up in the Bahamas and what haircare products were available?  LusterPink Lotion and alot of gel. Black gel,caked up.   Now products are now higher. Paying customs duties for importing and shipping.

Did you cut your hair or did you transition?

I did not do a big chop. I transitioned. I was living in Charlotte, NC when I was going natural in 2008. I went to the store looking for products made from natural ingredients for natural hair. I couldn’t find anything that did what it said it would.

How did you end up making your own products?

My mom used to make her own deep treatments from egg, banana and avocado. I remember us doing that as a child. I decided to use the knowledge I gained as a child to make products for myself.

How did you decide what ingredients to use?

Banana has potassium. We usually just eat banana for energy. It has a soothing, moisturizing,nourishing effect. We eat avocado alot down here as well. It contains fatty acids and are great for nourishing and softening the hair up. I found that those ingredients worked really well for my hair.

Tell me about your products and who you recommend them for?

We break down hair type into 4 hair textures.

Wavy: Thirsty Kurls Leave In for wash & go

Curly: Thirsty Kurls for wash and go. You can add the Kurl Defining Creme or Jelly Coconut Styling Gel if you want more definition

Kinky curly -Kurl Defining Kreme and Jelly Coconut Styling Gel for wash and gos or ponytails

Kinky Coily- Kurl Defining Kreme for twist outs and braid outs. You get definition without the crunch. Want bouncy and more defined, you can layer the gel and creme. This texture has more of a struggle when it comes to definition.

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Where can we find your products in the Caribbean?

Locally (The Bahamas) , we have been in stores for almost 2 years. We launched Feb 2013 and have had tremendous support. We are in different pharmacies and in haircare stores. Certain products we can’t keep on the shelves.

We also have a huge following in Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados

How about the U.S.?

We are headquartered in Charlotte, NC. We are found in Wal-Mart in Georgia, Texas and Florida. The support has been really great there. We have a large following in GA. We get alot of inquiries from California.  New York is another area we get alot of requests and the DMV area.

What’s coming up for Kurlee Belle?

We are looking into a men’s line. Alot of men use the products but men have specific needs like a beard balm. In addition, we have alot of moms that have daughters with natural hair.  We are looking to do a kid specific line.

We look forward to seeing the expanded line. In the meantime, you can stop by your local Wal-Mart if you live in certain area of TX, FL or GA. You can also purchase online.

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