Meet Kirsten- From Loc’s to Loose


Picking out my dreads was not my first option. I wanted to keep my dreads because it was easy to maintain. One day, I saw my curl pattern (without it being short as it was before). It was a long piece of hair that had this cute – tight – coil. So, I was locked for a year, however, one dread was still trying to loc in the front. So, I decided to start picking at it to see what more hair looked like with this curl pattern – then I started picking the next one and so forth. I couldn’t stop. I fell in love with my hair. I could never remember my hair as a child – when it was long and curly, so I never got the chance to experience my hair and have fun with it while loose.  Picking them out took 2 days for me. For some people, it takes weeks – depending on the length of your hair. It only took me two days because mine were shoulder length – I was so determined, I stayed up all night and kept going with a bobby pin. I didn’t mind the option of the BC, because as you saw from my pics, I am used to short hair – I love short hair, but I saw from various videos on Youtube, people doing it. I wanted to try it if I ever decided to let my locs go – however, I didn’t think it would be that early! LOL. I love my hair loose, but I do miss the locs because I love LOW MAINTENANCE! So, after picking them out, I trimmed my ends, gave my hair a good treatment, etc. I forgot how to do loose hair at one point! My sister had to help me! I’m back in the groove now and very happy!

Photo 135

My favorite style had to have been the TWA. I believe that was the cutest style that I ever had! I loved it! It was easy to do and always turned out right!

The main products that I use are Eco styling gel and the Keratin Mist by CHI. I have very curly hair and in order to define my curls a lot better, I use the Eco gel. I make sure I spray the Keratin Mist on my hair anytime I style. I don’t usually buy a lot of products and I like to keep what I put in my hair to a minimum.

Lexi- Thank you so much Kirsten for sharing your story. I actually thought about getting my hair loc’d but was afraid of the permanency of it. My boyfriend’s frat bro’s gf had locs one day…and the next time I saw her , her hair was loose. I had no idea that it could be done. I am sure it was alot of work though but it is good to know that it isn’t so permanent on everyone.