Meet Keyona AKA Happy2BNappy

My name is Keyona and I’m new to the Natural world. I’ve been natural for almost Two months and this has been a HUGE transition from the hair lifestyle I lived previously. I’m a stylist, well its my hobby, but I hope to one day turn my passion for it into my career. Its still so surreal to me sometimes when I wake up and look in the mirror, but to be honest I wouldn’t change my decision to go natural for anyone or anything.





My initial reason for the “BC” was because I had dealt with some major ordeals in my life that put me in a bad place emotionally, financially and mentally. I felt like I had lost control of my life. I had spoken with a close friend of mine who is also a fellow youtuber and she told me about her natural experience and how it made her feel, so I contemplated it for a week then finally said “I’m going to do this for ME”, I took a pair of scissors and went to work(after watching a few youtube videos first of course lol). After I had finished I was shocked, but felt exhilarated and finally felt like I was back in control of my life.

Since going Natural must say I’ve experienced a lot of criticism from people who I am EXTREMELY close with (friends and family), and that was a huge eye opener. When I needed the people I expected to be there the most they basically abandoned me. Being Natural has really opened my eyes to new paths that I hope for my life to venture and explore. When watching the youtube videos and seeing all the beautiful women in different shades, shapes, sizes and personalities I find myself smiling and happy to be apart of such a wonderful experience. These women give me hope that I can be a better person. We go against the grain and march to the beat of our own drums and I LOVE that!!!
Since seeing so many gorgeous and successful women it gives me a new-found sense of hope I thought I had lost a long time ago and I cannot wait to see the doors that open for me now since I have this brand new outlook on life. I’ve always had goals, but now they are enhanced and I feel blessed to be having the chance to be the new person I am becoming!!!


Youtube: NapturalKoutour
Twitter: bLaCkSJP

Lexi: Thank you so much Keyona for sharing your story. It’s unfortunate when your family and friends give you a hard time when you go natural. I always say you have to be a strong person to go natural because your loved ones can deter you from the process or make you go back to a relaxer. You stayed strong and that is inspirational. Thank you Keyona.