Meet Johntrice

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My name is Jontrice, I’m from Orlando,Fl. I got my first relaxer at the age of 13. I never thought about going Natural until I got older and realized that my hair texture really wasn’t as bad as I thought. I would go months in between relaxers and I often liked my hair more with some newgrowth. The relaxer always made my hair look so thin. In September 2009 I decided I was getting my last relaxer since I was going to Vegas for an award show. After that I  began transitioning, I would get my hair trimmed very regular. During that time I would keep my hair in a longer bob style. In about Jan of 2010 my stylist told me I was completely natural!!!! At that point those were just words to me though…. I kept getting my hair blown out and straightened just to wrap it at night like usual. This summer in Florida has already began with crazy humidity and heat so I decided to wear my hair in its natural form and I love it! I feel like so much more of a woman, so feminine yet tough. There’s just something about having wild curly hair and being myself that made me fall in love! This is my new style and I don’t know when the next time will be that I touch my CHI flat iron. The products that I love the most right now are the Silk Elements olive oil shampoo and deep conditioner, Ecostyler with olive oil, and frizz ease dream curls!

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Lexi- “So feminine, yet tough” That soooo describes women with natural hair. I love that quote. Its not for the timid or meek, because you stand out when you are natural because we are the minority. I always say it takes a confident, and tough woman to be natural. Thanks Johntrice