Meet Ashley AKA Ashbobash87


My topic involves my love of the total experience that being natural has allowed me to have. My last relaxer was in either November or December of 2008. I cannot remember exactly because like many other women, I did not plan on going natural. I moved to Europe for school and I did not really have a choice. Because I was so new to all of the extra extra extra new growth I pretty much wore my hair in ponytails the entire time that I was there. In May of 2009 my dad, who is a barber, cut my hair. He sort of gave me a fade and that is what I worked with. At first my hair was really dry and hard to manage. Before going completely natural, I had no experience with hair care or hair at all. I was lost! So, I watched a ton of youtube videos and did other research and soon started experimenting. Before I knew it, I had learned to tame my hair! I just love this whole experience. I am so glad that I do not have to deal with relaxers anymore. I have always feared the actual chemicals in relaxers. As a kid I heard stories of people being burned badly by the chemicals and I grew a bit worried each time I would relax. I am also loving not having to sit at the salon for hours and hours. Fortunately I have convinced my cousin and a friend to go natural. Yay! I’m loving being natural!

6-16-10Flat ironOctober 29, 09

Lexi- Thank you so much Ashley. There are tons of reasons why people end up going natural so it’s great to hear all the reasons. Taking time to learn how to style your hair definitely is a life saver and saves a ton of money and shows others that being natural  can be easy with research. I am also happy you have encouraged other’s to go natural. You can find her on Youtube: Ashbobash87

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