Meet ANaturalBeauty3

I’ve started thinking about going natural at the beginning of 2007 so I decided to cut my hair into a short bob.  I kept the bob up  until October 2008 and then decided to chop the remainder of my relaxer off.  It’s fair to say I had a long transition but I wished I would have just went ahead and cute my hair off.  What prompted me to go natural is that my hair was shedding and breaking off like crazy.  No on could tell but I noticed a difference in my hair loss.  When I had a perm I had the long pretty straight hair that we all wanted but my hair was so unhealthy.  It didn’t seem like it by looking at it but it was so unhealthy.  I also decided that I didn’t want to look like everyone else and that I wanted to know what my natural hair looked like.  So I started researching about natural hair and I got really intrigued.  I really started getting in my head that natural is for me and is what’s meant to be on my head.  Just to touch on the love life my boyfriend now husband didn’t understand why I want to cut my hair off.  When I did, he didn’t like it but once it grew out and when I started educating him about it, He loved the idea of me being natural.  He now tells me that I should never get a perm again.  I told him don’t worry I wont.  So ladies if you are going natural just make sure you educate your man on the difference between being natural and permed.

My basic styles are twists, twistouts, and wash n go’s.  I do straighten my hair about every 3 months because I do like to change it up every now and then. Besides that’s the great thing about being natural: it’s versatile!  Twists and twistouts are my favorite!  I twist my hair with just a leave in creamy conditioner and olive oil.  I’m not against cones!  So I will use conditioner with cones because I clarify once a month.

Being natural has been a blessing for me.  It gives me great pride in being me meaning I don’t have to emulate anyone else because no one else’s hair will look like mines.  I want you all to know that you have that special characteristic about you also.  We were made special by the MAKER himself.  Being natural is a state of mind also, you have to be willing to accept that your hair isn’t STRAIGHT and know that it’s curly and kinky and learn to love it.  I love mines and all the beautiful natural heads I run across!  Check out my Youtube ANaturalBeauty3 and I have a facebook page called CurlyNaturalBeauty.

Update***I recently got color in my hair.  I got highlights and I love it!  Color looks great with Naturally Curly hair!

Lexi- I am always hearing about ladies who have to be really convincing with their significant others when it comes to going natural. You really do have to explain because so many guys are used to seeing ladies with relaxed hair and weaves so it is something very different and is becoming more and more acceptable and admired. Thank you for sharing your story. This will be so helpful to some ladies out there.