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May Skincare Favorites @MuradSkincare @CocoleneUSA @Spa_Treat @GarnierUSA

May Skincare Favorites @MuradSkincare @CocoleneUSA @Spa_Treat @GarnierUSA

I have my tried and true favorite skincare brands, but I like to try new things as well. When I try them and I like them, I continue to use them. I want to make sure I actually really like the product. Here are my top picks for May. Some I have been using for over  a year and some for a couple of months.

Murad Skin Smoothing Polish. THIS product is sooo amazing. It makes my skin feel so clean. It gets all of the stuff that the environment brings off of your skin and leaves it super smooth. It helps remove dry skin also. My skin just look brighter immediately after a 4 minute face cleaning. I try to do this once a week and am on my 2nd bottle.

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Cocolene- Rosehip+ Oil as a face moisturizer. I found this line at Bronner Bros earlier this year and have been hooked ever since. After I tone my skin, I have been adding this oil to my face. This rolls right on to your skin and then I rub it in completely. At first I thought oil on my face would cause breakouts, but it actually made my bare skin look and feel amazing. When I first started using it I thought “WOW”. I didn’t know if I was just feeling myself lol or if it truly made my skin look different. Well, I started getting complements from strangers and friends. So it’s safe to say this product is the truth!! Oh their skincare line is all-natural and organic!


Spa Treat Salt Scrub found exclusively at CVS- The scents smell amazing! I love that these come with multiple flavors so at first you smell the amazing lemon scent and as I have been using it more, I get another scent. I am all about something that smells amazing and does a great job! This scrub feels really good to so it’s definitely what I have been reaching in the shower.

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Garnier Micellar Water- This serves as a cleanser and makeup remover. I had been looking for a makeup remover besides my makeup remover wipes. Sometimes I want something with a little more product on it to help get everything off. I decided to pick up the Micellar Water. I wasn’t familiar with it but after reading about it, I thought I would try it out. This gets my makeup off , even the stubborn water-proof mascaras and eyeliner which is why I wanted to get another makeup remover. This actually works and makes my skin feel great!