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#MarshallsTJMaxx ATL Fashion & Beauty Blogger Event Recap

I am suucchhh a Maxxinista so when Danielle ( ) and I had the opportunity to host a very cool event at the T.J. Maxx by Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA, I was ecstatic.

We invited all of our favorite Fashion and Beauty/Hair bloggers out to come check out our “New Year, New You” event where we talked about the latest fashion, beauty, and hair trends.

We hosted our event in the Runway section! Have you heard of the Runway section? If you haven’t, it is at several T.J. Maxx stores where they sell high end items at a huge discount. I actually got my dress for the event the week before with Danielle …which I will share later.

Immediately, I spotted out this blazer that I fell in LOVE with. Ralph Lauren Black Label…Originally $625 ….At T.J. Maxx for $149.99!!! Great steal! I didn’t get it though…my bust is too big šŸ™

And then I found this amazing Fendi bag!!?? Who knew they sold Fendi at T.J. Maxx? This was originally $1,295 and it was at TJ Maxx for $849.99!! They also had Prada shoes, Marc Jacobs, etc…

Okay so on to the festivities!!!

Over 30 of our favorite bloggers came to check out the event!

Here are the trends for this season!


Color, color, color! Try corals, oranges, pinks, yellows, greens and bright blues paired with beige.
Long necklaces in a mix of metals and lengths.
Wedges and the classic ballet flats with a twist like animal, floral or tribal prints.
Skirts in varying lengths – maxi, mini and pencils.


Workout wardrobe: active wear coordinate sets; long- and short-sleeved moisture wicking tops; top brand running sneakers.
Tone and tighten muscles: free weights and kettle bells; ankle and wrist weights.
Increase cardio & add some fun to your workout: dance and aerobics DVDs; jump ropes.
Eat well: calorie counters; protein bars; specialty waters; dried fruits, popcorn and healthy crackers.

There are several reasons why I love T.J. Maxx and Marshalls and here are some reasons why you should too including some tips:

The New Year is one of the most exciting and fabulous times for for fashion.Ā  Reinvent yourself! Below are a few tips from the experts on updating last yearā€™s wardrobe:

SHOP SMART: The best shoppers know that itā€™s not about spending all day pounding the pavement ā€“ itā€™s knowing what you are looking for and how to find it.Ā  Youā€™ll find the exact same merchandise as department stores at up to 60% off.Ā  ā€œCompare atā€ price tags show exactly how much youā€™re saving.
FIND YOUR FAVES: Whatā€™s your poison?Ā  Statement jewelry? A killer pair of boots? Everyone has their favorite go-to item.Ā  Knowing which departments you need to hit is the key to shopping success.
SHOP OFTEN: Marshalls and T.J.Maxx receive more than 10,000 new items each week ā€“ in each and every store!
RACK IT UP: Most stores put ā€œfeatureā€ racks near the front of the store, organized by style and designer.
BEFRIEND THE STORE MANAGER: Your local store manager can give you the inside scoop on when new shipments arrive so you can grab your favorite brands as soon as they hit the floor!
NO SALES, EVER: Off-price stores off low prices every day, so you never have to wait for a sale!

Here is Danielle showcasing the awesome Fall trends from colored jeans to animal print! She pulled several items- from dresses, skirts, shoes, etc.. and showed us how much of a discount T.J. Maxx & Marshalls offers for IN-SEASON items.

Here I am showcasing all of the hottest hair products at a great discount like a CHI iron for half off, Biosilk products, Giovanni hair sets, and more! They also have a great selection of beauty products from Elizabeth Arden, Ahava, Lip Fusion, and several more. Most of the products were 50% off the retail price!

We played awesome games to see if the bloggers could guess how much items cost at the T.J. Maxx discount. The person closest to the correct price won awesome prizes!

The real fun was when we told each blogger they had 12 minutes to put together the HOTTEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE outfit selecting at least 2 items for the body and a pair of shoes. The ladies were rushing and running all over T.J. Maxx to find the hottest outfits. It was so much fun and the ladies loved the challenge.Ā The bloggers came up with some AMAZING outfits. All so different and unique, yet very fashionable.

So we wouldn’t be biased, we had the managers at the T.J. Maxx vote. Here are a couple of the blogger’s outfits:

We selected 3 winners who won additional giftcards for their fabulous finds.

Each Blogger received a giftcard for attending so they could get some cool stuff for great prices! Thank you to everyone who came! Look out for a video recap of the event!

Some people had to leave a little early, but here was our fabulous group! I was so happy we were able to get fashion, beauty, and hair bloggers together to mix and mingle! We had an awesome time at T.J. Maxx!!

Check out the lovely ladies who were in attendance:


Eboni IfeĀ

Habon Ā






Tiffini Editor ofĀ




Kristen KaiĀ

GarmaiĀ http://www.garmaikm.comĀ and Fashion Editor ofĀ Kontrol magazine

Fran Ā







Nikka Shae Ā






And of course, my homies over at came through

What is your favorite thing about T.J. Maxx/Marshalls?

If you attended the event, how did you like it?

Make sure you check out Danielle’s recap also here