Marsha Ambrosius Concert in ATL last night

OMG I had a blast last night at this private concert Lexus put on featuring a performance by Marsha Ambrosius and Hill Harper was presented with an award.

The concert was awesome first because it was intimate. The art gallery it was held at wasn’t too crowded or anything so there was space to move around. Secondly, they had AWESOME food like Shrimp & Grits ( a great southern meal), Chicken and Shrimp skewers, mini Red Velvet cupcakes and much more. They had a signature martini but it was Ginger (ewwww!) It was too much for me.

Onto the performance, of course Marsha came out with her GORGEOUS curly hair. I couldn’t get any pics of her because unfortunately, I assumed they would take my camera without a media pass so I didn’t want to walk back to the car so I was forced to use my camera phone and it was not taking good pics.

Marsha’s voice is amazing. She sang classics like “Say Yes” and “Butterflies” and even sang Jodeci’s Talk to me, BBD’s Poison, and other hits. She sang her recent hits “Far Away” and “I hope she cheats on you (With a basketball player)”. Im definitely going to pick up her album today.

My boyfriend and I- OMG We NEVER go out on dates lol. We always go out to eat, but nothing we have to dress up for so this was nice.

And the homies and I